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    Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          Walnut Creek Post-Conviction Relief Lawyer

          Even if your criminal case ends with a conviction or a guilty plea, that does not necessarily mean that ruling and any subsequent sentence passed down is the end of your fight to protect your freedom. In certain situations, California state law allows people convicted of criminal offenses to seek relief from the penalties that resulted from their conviction or plea bargain.

          If you want to explore this kind of relief, consulting with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has helped achieve positive outcomes in similar cases could be a crucial first step. Once retained, a knowledgeable Walnut Creek post-conviction relief lawyer could ensure you understand your rights completely, and tenaciously help seek the fair resolution you deserve.

          When Might Post-Conviction Relief Be Available?

          Seeking post-conviction relief is not the same thing as filing an appeal of a criminal court verdict, nor is it possible to pursue post-conviction relief in every situation. While an appeal is a broad method for contesting a criminal court verdict based on procedural errors that directly impacted the outcome of the trial in question, post-conviction relief is a more narrowly defined way of seeking less severe criminal penalties based on the unique circumstances in a particular case.

          In California, people convicted of criminal offenses may be eligible for post-conviction relief if they were never informed of what rights they had under the U.S. Constitution, if they did not receive clear and comprehensive guidance about the effects a plea agreement might have before they agreed to it, or if they did not understand the possible immigration impact of taking a plea bargain. Post-conviction relief may be an option if the defendant’s lawyer did not prove effective legal assistance throughout the case.

          Other post-conviction relief options may be available for individuals who complete terms of probation for convictions that could have been punished with jail time, individuals convicted and sentenced of a felony offense that could have been classified as a misdemeanor, and convictions for crimes like marijuana possession which the state of California no longer prosecutes in the same ways they once did. An experienced Walnut Creek Post-Conviction Relief lawyer could offer crucial clarification about what post-conviction relief options might be available in a particular situation.

          Potential Means of Post-Conviction Relief in Walnut Creek

          The specific steps required for post-conviction relief vary substantially depending on a person’s grounds for seeking relief and the exact type of relief they are requesting. In most situations, this process begins with filing a motion with the court for a specific form of relief.

          Certain types of post-conviction relief involve petitioning with parties other than the court. For instance, someone who wants to have a criminal conviction commuted would need to state their case to the California governor, and potentially before the state Supreme Court in extreme situations. Once again, a post-conviction relief lawyer in Walnut Creek could provide essential guidance when it comes to effectively and efficiently pursuing the best solution.

          Call a Walnut Creek Post-Conviction Relief Lawyer for Help

          While not every criminal conviction can be overturned through post-conviction proceedings, there are circumstances under which this kind of action is warranted. If you believe you might be eligible for post-conviction relief, it is essential you obtain representation from an experienced Post-Conviction Relief lawyer to discuss the possibilities of your case in detail during a private consultation. Schedule yours by calling today.

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