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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          Walnut Creek Sex Crimes Lawyer

          No matter what specific criminal charge you find yourself facing, any criminal allegation involving sexual misconduct can have an immediate impact on your life. Even if you are not ultimately convicted in criminal court, the mere accusation of unlawful sexual conduct may lead to significant limitations on your professional prospects and personal opportunities.  If you are convicted, the penalties could be more severe than you think.

          Every sex crimes case requires a unique approach by an experienced attorney when it comes to protecting a defendant’s best interests. If you have been accused of or are being investigated for a crime of this nature, seek representation from a Walnut Creek sex crimes lawyer as soon as possible.

          Common Sex Offenses in Walnut Creek

          While some states define specific actions as sex crimes in their criminal code, the term “sex crime” in the state of California is a more broad term that may refer to any one of several criminal offenses involving sexual misconduct. Depending on the circumstances, a sex offense may be considered a misdemeanor or a felony. It may or may not involve the use or threat of force, or even entail any physical contact with another person.

          Some of the most common sex crime charges that Walnut Creek lawyers have experience contesting on behalf of defendants include:

          • Indecent exposure
          • Sexual assault
          • Sexual battery
          • Prostitution and solicitation
          • Child pornography possession
          • Lewd conduct
          • Statutory rape
          • Child molestation and/or sexual abuse

          Generally, state courts prosecute sex offenses involving physical violence and/or causing harm to a minor more harshly than non-violent offenses and/or offenses that do not impact children. There are exceptions to this rule under certain circumstances.

          Sex Offender Registration Requirements

          A criminal conviction on sex crime charges very often leads to sentences of multiple years in prison and fines in the thousands of dollars,  lengthy periods of probation after the convicted party is released from incarceration, and inclusion on the sex offender registry.

          Serious sex crime convictions or repeat offenders may be required to register for life after being released from prison. A sex crimes lawyer in Walnut Creek could clarify on a case-by-case basis what registration requirements may apply in a particular defendant’s situation.

          Talk to a Walnut Creek Sex Crimes Lawyer About Legal Options

          Contesting allegations of sex-related criminal offenses is always a complex endeavor. On top of building a comprehensive defense against the prosecution’s case, it can also be crucial to have help from legal counsel with managing and minimizing the impact that an accusation of this nature has on a defendant outside of court. Call today to learn more.

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