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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          Alameda Drug Lawyer

          Drug charges are generally viewed as serious offenses in Alameda. Legal consequences could negatively impact a person’s future job prospects and even their future educational opportunities. A person may believe that because a substance is legal that they may possess it. However, many drugs require a prescription from a licensed doctor before they can be possessed. If you were charged with a drug violation, contact an experienced Alameda drug lawyer.

          A knowledgeable defense attorney could help advocate on your behalf. This may include handling communications with law enforcement or a prosecutor. It is typically important to have a defense attorney present when speaking with anyone involved in the investigation as any statements made could be used against you in the court of law. Schedule an appointment today and begin building your defense.

          How are Drug Offenses Defined?

          There are several ways a person may be charged with a drug offense. When a person is charged with a simple possession charge, they typically are arrested or detained by law enforcement for possessing drugs unlawfully. This usually is because they do not have a prescription for them or the substance falls into the category of drugs that are considered illegal regardless of circumstance. For example, a person who is found possessing cocaine, heroin, or meth could be charged with the possession of an illegal substance.

          What Factors May Impact a Drug Possession Charge?

          Many drug offenses occur in conjunction with other offenses. For example, a person could be stopped for one offense but when they are searched also be found in possession of an illegal drug or prescription without the consent of a doctor. In most cases, a drug charge could potentially further complicate an initial charge as a person could face additional legal consequences following a conviction.

          Depending on the amount of a drug that a person is found possessing, they could be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony offense. Possessing smaller amounts of a drug could be indicative of personal use. However, the presence of large amounts of a drug or an illegal substance could lead law enforcement to believe that they are attempting to sell the drugs. No matter how much of a drug or an illegal substance a person is accused of possessing, they may still substantially benefit from speaking with a drug lawyer in Alameda.

          Simple Possession vs. Possession With Intent to Sell

          A simple possession charge may be applied when a person is accused of possessing an illegal substance or a drug without a prescription. Typically, this offense is charged as a misdemeanor and often occurs when the amount found is small. In contrast, when a large number of drugs are found, a person could be charged with intent to sell. Such an offense is generally charged as a felony offense. In addition, if the drugs appear wrapped in individual bundles or are specially packaged, this could increase law enforcement’s suspicion of drug dealing.

          Potential Penalties for Drug Offenses

          Whether a person faces a misdemeanor or felony drug charge, they could incur significant fines and incarceration upon conviction. Furthermore, a drug conviction could also impact a person’s ability to receive government assistance such as housing or food stamps. Additionally, a conviction could create a permanent criminal record that is open to the public. Many employers and education institutions prefer to pursue candidates without criminal records and a person could miss out on important opportunities.

          Speak with a Drug Lawyer in Alameda

          If you were accused of a drug offense, you may want to strongly consider meeting with an Alameda drug lawyer. Legal consequences for such an offense could be severe and impact a person’s life far into the future.

          Attending a court proceeding without legal representation could severely harm a person’s case and may lead to a conviction. Before attempting to represent yourself, consider the benefits of reaching out to a dedicated defense attorney who understands Alameda drug regulations.

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