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          Drug Charges in Alameda

          There are a variety of potential drug charges in Alameda, including possession of a controlled substance, possession for sale or distribution, and drug trafficking. Common drug types include methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin, and the prevalent prescription drug Xanax.

          If you have been charged with a drug offense in Alameda, consider reaching out to an experienced drug attorney. A lawyer could negotiate with prosecutors and collect mitigating evidence to preserve your future and avoid serious penalties.

          Drug Possession in Alameda

          The most common type of drug charge is possession. Drug possession can be either actual or constructive. Actual possession is when a drug is found on a person’s body, such as in their clothing or in a bag they have in their immediate possession. Constructive possession is when the drugs are found in an area that the person had direct access to, such as the center console of a vehicle the person is driving.

          There are different ways people can be found in possession of an illegal drug. Arrests are often made pursuant to a traffic stop – such as for an improper turn or failure to stop at a red light. The responding officer may observe residue in the vehicle, which can be considered probable cause to do a more extended search of the vehicle to look for additional contraband. Another instance of possession could be when somebody is under arrest for another crime, and during the search incident to the arrest, the officers discover a pipe in their pocket and charge them with paraphernalia possession.

          Simple possession for personal use is not usually targeted for enforcement in Alameda County; it tends to present itself as an add-on offense or a byproduct of other crimes. Possession for purposes of sale and distribution, however, is a targeted charge that police actively seek to enforce.

          Consequences of a Drug Charge

          Drug charges in Alameda County can be intimidating because there are consequences associated with a conviction that could permanently affect a person’s life. For instance, many drug offenses require registration as a drug trafficker. The drug trafficker registration system is similar to sex-offender registration, meaning there can be restrictions on where a person can go, whom they can be around, and what employment that can find. It can have an impact on their future and finances, not the individual accused of the crime, but for their family and the people who rely on them for support as well.

          Contact an Attorney to Fight Drug Charges in Alameda

          It is important that defendants have an attorney who is able not only to advocate for them on the front end of a case, but be familiar with post-conviction relief available to them on the back end, whether that is expunging a record, vacating a conviction, petitioning to seal an arrest, or petitioning for a motion for factual innocence. It is imperative that the attorney is thinking about the person’s future and how they can not only mitigate the case but set them up to go forward in the best way.  If you are facing drug charges in Alameda, contact a criminal defense attorney today to help to preserve your future.

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