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Alameda County law enforcement is trying to crack down on drug trafficking by teaming up with other narcotic task forces. Oftentimes, drug cases can involve task forces that include the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) and other agencies that combine forces for undercover operations and stings to identify those engaged in illegal drug trafficking.

Drug trafficking is a felony offense that could result in severe penalties, including jail time and fines. If you have been accused of drug trafficking, a seasoned drug defense attorney could help your case. An experienced Alameda County drug trafficking lawyer knows the specific laws surrounding these types of cases and could help you build a strong defense.

What are the Consequences of a Drug Trafficking Conviction?

The charges associated with drug trafficking throughout California fall under Health and Safety Code 11352, which addresses those who transport, sell, manufacture, or have the intent to distribute it to other people. If convicted, individuals could face up to five years in state prison, required to pay harsh fines and fees, and probation. If this is served on supervised release, there could be other terms and conditions involved.

It is also important for people to know that there are harsh consequences associated with certain levels of trafficking. There is exposure in custody time, fines and fees, registration, and restrictions on a defendant’s liberty. The defendant could also lose his or her right own and possess a firearm.

Registering as a Drug Offender

Being found responsible for endangering people by transporting dangerous controlled substances could play into the requirement to register as a drug offender. Often, if someone is charged with a distribution or trafficking crime, he or she would be required to register as a drug offender. This is similar to sex offender registration in which the individual must continuously register with the law enforcement agency about his or her status. It is a way for law enforcement to keep track of people who have been previously engaged in the distribution of drugs.

Freedom of Movement

Other consequences include a restriction on a person’s freedom of movement. Defendants are commonly given orders to stay away from specific areas like high drug trafficking locations. Defendants could also be subjected to search clauses that require them to be searched by a police officer without probable cause. This means a police officer could search his or her person, belongings, vehicle, and even home any time day or night.

Problems with Citizenship and Immigration

There are very severe immigration consequences associated with a drug conviction. It is important to know that individuals could face serious penalties that have an ongoing effect on his or her livelihood and freedom. It is essential to enlist the help of a skilled and experienced drug trafficking lawyer in Alameda County following a narcotics charge.

Multiple Defendants in a Drug Trafficking Case

Often, drug trafficking cases involve multiple defendants. For example, if a law enforcement officer stops a vehicle and a large amount of narcotics is found for the purpose of distribution, all passengers in the car may face the consequences. Each person in the vehicle could be charged with trafficking.

Drug trafficking rings require a broader and larger investigation by law enforcement that results in multiple arrests. Once that group has been identified, each party could be charged. It typically results in multiple co-defendant cases.

What is the Role of Jurisdictional Borders in a Drug Trafficking Charge?

Within the State of California, there are multiple counties. When activity happens in a specific county, the municipality has jurisdiction over the matter. When there is a crossing of jurisdictional borders, then multiple areas have jurisdiction. Each jurisdiction could prosecute the conduct separately, but a person cannot be prosecuted for the same conduct.

If trafficking crosses state lines, the case moves from a state to a federal case. The federal courts would have jurisdiction. If it happens within counties, the county court will maintain jurisdiction. A seasoned attorney experienced with charges of trafficking drugs could help determine who has jurisdiction over the case.

Contact an Alameda County Drug Trafficking Attorney Today

A conviction of drug trafficking could have permanent consequences beyond jail time. Fines, loss of certain freedoms, and a permanent record are just a few of the additional penalties following a drug trafficking charge. An Alameda County drug trafficking lawyer could help build you a defense catered to your specific case. Call now to get started.

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