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In a variety of ways, sex crime charges may be life-altering. Not only might the accused potentially face a significant duration of incarceration, but they may also face adverse impacts to their personal, financial, and professional lives regardless of whether they are found guilty or not. If you find yourself facing a sex crime charge of any kind, you may want to consider reaching out to an Alameda sex crimes lawyer. An experienced defense attorney can assist in preparing a defense based on the facts and circumstances of the case, and by ensuring those charged know what to expect throughout the legal process. En Español

What Should Someone Do After Being Charged with a Sex Offense?

Following a criminal charge, some people might act emotionally, which might result in voicing an opinion or engaging in an action that could worsen their circumstances. It is important to note that anything an accused person says or does could be used by their accuser, law enforcement and/or the District Attorney against them.

A sex crimes attorney in Alameda could formulate a defense strategy by reviewing evidence associated with their client’s case, interviewing witnesses to the alleged incident, and investigating the scene where the alleged act occurred. They could also perform other duties as needed for any individual case, including negotiating for plea bargains or lesser charges.

Common Sex Crimes in Alameda

The California Penal Code lists a variety of charges that fall under the blanket category of “sex crimes,” some of which are more common—or severe—than others.

According to California Penal Code §261, rape is committed when an alleged perpetrator uses physical force or intimidation to coerce an individual into nonconsensual sexual intercourse. Furthermore, Cal. Pen. Code §261.5 criminalizes statutory rape, which occurs when an adult over age 18 engages in sexual intercourse with a minor under age 18. This differs from rape in that the accused may be prosecuted whether the sex was allegedly consensual or not.

Other sex crimes may carry lesser penalties but are treated no less serious in the eyes of the law. In Alameda, lewd sexual conduct is any instance of a person touching or stimulating their genitals or other sexual organs in a public setting and, under Cal. Pen. Code §647(a), may be charged as misdemeanor disorderly conduct and should result in contact with a local sex crimes lawyer.

Penalties For Alameda Sex Crimes

Sex crimes may be sentenced as misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the type and severity of the alleged crime, the accused party’s past criminal record, and the involvement of any weapons in the commission of the crime. Misdemeanors are less severe and may result in fines and/or short jail sentences. Felonies, meanwhile, are typically much harsher, involving far steeper monetary penalties and longer periods of incarceration in state penitentiaries.

Do People Have to Register as a Sex Offender?

In addition, some people convicted of sex crimes—such as those convicted of rape—may be required to register with the state of California as a sex offender. This, in turn, could place severe limitations on their privacy and ability to seek employment. A sex crimes lawyer in Alameda may be able to determine what potential consequences may result from any individual sex crimes, as well as how to best to contest and/or mitigate those charges.

Consult with an Alameda Sex Crimes Attorney Today

Sex crimes may greatly impact many facets of your life if you are ever accused of one. However, consultation with an Alameda sex crimes lawyer could afford you the chance to fight these charges and possibly minimize potential damages. If you find yourself in this situation, take a positive step towards resolving your case by calling a seasoned local attorney today.

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