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          Dublin Bribery Lawyer

          Bribery is rarely the quid-pro-quo exchange depicted in film and on television. Often, subtle actions or misunderstandings can result in bribery charges, even if it was not the intention of either party.

          Bribery charges are serious—consequences range from large fines to possible prison sentences. The damage to your reputation as a community member, meanwhile, can continue long past the trial date. A dedicated fraud attorney could help to evaluate the severity of the situation and may provide solutions to minimize impact. Speak with a Dublin bribery lawyer as soon as possible to better understand your charges and what steps could be taken to achieve a positive outcome.

          Bribery Laws in Dublin

          California penal code contains multiple laws regarding various forms of bribery, including:

          What are the Penalties for Bribing an Executive Officer?

          It is a crime to bribe or attempt to bride any executive officer in Dublin according to CA Penal Code § 67. Bribery is defined as actions intended to influence any proceeding, such as a vote, opinion, or decision. Individuals found violating this code could face up to four years of state imprisonment.

          Executives who request or receive bribes—upon an understanding that their vote, opinion, or actions are being influenced—could face up four years in prison as well, in addition to fines and permanent disqualification from holding office.

          Bribery may also result in misdemeanor charges, including an attempt to bribe an official with an amount that, if stolen, would qualify as petty theft. Those unsure of how their actions may qualify should seek out a studied criminal attorney who can provide additional insights.

          Bribery of Legislators

          A bribe or offer to bribe a member of the California State Legislature or a local legislative body is a crime. Anyone found guilty of attempting to influence a member’s vote could face a minimum of two years imprisonment.

          Members of legislative bodies who ask for or receive a bribe that influences their vote faces same imprisonment, as well as a restitution payment.

          Courtroom Bribery

          A courtroom official could be a judicial officer, juror, arbitrator, or other person authorized to determine a legal controversy. Anyone who uses bribery or attempted bribery to influence courtroom officials faces imprisonment for two to four years. It is important to seek counsel following courtroom bribery charges are made, as bribing a witness could be a serious felony.

          What is Commercial Bribery?

          Employees can commit commercial bribery if they solicit, accept, or agree to accept money or valuables from someone other than their employer. Commercial bribery occurs when such an action is done without the knowledge of their employer and requires that the employees’ commercial position benefitted the other person. The punishment for commercial bribery may vary depending on the value of the bribe involved.

          Talk to a Dublin Bribery Attorney Today

          Every instance of bribery hinges on the question of intent. Each criminal case has two equal sides, and you may need an experienced attorney who can defend yours aggressively. A seasoned Dublin bribery lawyer could help you mount a strong defense and present your case in the most favorable light. Call today for a consultation.

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