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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          Dublin Theft Lawyer

          While theft may cause many to think of robbers in black clothes and masks, the reality is often less dramatic. The act of stealing under any circumstances may bring serious criminal charges. Charges of theft in Dublin usually involve police and prosecutors, and if not properly defended, could damage reputations, lead to loss of employment, and end with imprisonment. If you were accused of theft, the risks associated with those charges could carry damaging results. Fortunately, a Dublin theft lawyer could work on your behalf to help protect you from the fallout of criminal charges. Allow a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to guide you through the legal process to work towards the best possible outcome. En Español.

          The Definition of Theft and What it Covers

          The California Penal Code §  484 defines theft as taking the personal property of another through fraud, misrepresentation, or removal with no intention of returning that property. There are several actions covered under this statute, including:

          • Robbery
          • Embezzlement
          • Identify Theft
          • Forgery
          • Accepting stolen property
          • Failing to return leased goods

          Generally, California law divides theft into two categories, grand theft and petty theft, under CA Penal Code § 486. Since many other forms of theft exist within the law, a meticulous Dublin theft lawyer could help you understand how the specific allegations against you are categorized.

          Levels of Charges in Dublin

          Generally, grand theft refers to the value of the property stolen. If the allegedly stolen property is worth more than $950, involved agricultural or aquacultural property worth more than $250, or is a vehicle or firearm, it could be pursued under CA Penal Code § 487 as grand theft. Other instances of grand theft include defrauding a public housing authority of more than $400 under CA Penal Code § 487(i). Acts of grand theft are typically punished under CA Penal Code § 489 by fines not exceeding $5,000 and potential imprisonment of up to one year, or both. However, grand theft of a gun could result in a jail sentence of up to three years.

          Petty theft may occur if the value of property taken amounts to $950 or less, such as real estate worth less than $250. Typically, petty theft is penalized by fines of no more than $1,000 and the maximum of six months imprisonment. If you find yourself facing charges, you may benefit from discussing the alleged offense with a dedicated Dublin theft attorney.

          A Dublin Theft Attorney Can Provide Answers

          If you are concerned about charges related to theft, you may wish to speak to an attorney who can advise you of your rights and help you build a plan for your defense. The penalties related to petty theft could create a significant criminal record that would greatly impact your ability to find gainful employment, seek housing in certain areas, or destroy your reputation. However, it is important to remember that you have options.

          A Dublin theft lawyer could aggressively fight for your freedom and reputation by defending your interests in court. By working with a dedicated attorney, you can have someone on your side that knows the local laws and can guide you through the court procedures. Call today to learn more.

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