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          Dublin Robbery Lawyer

          Many people are unaware that robbery is a separate crime from theft. While both involve taking property from another person, robbery involves the use of force or intimidation. Robbery is a serious offense that could carry life-altering penalties. If you were accused of this offense, it may be in your best interest to seek the services of a Dublin robbery lawyer.

          In addition to criminal consequences, such as time in prison and fines, robbery charges often come with additional consequences that may prohibit you from holding certain jobs because of a felony conviction. Fortunately, there are methods to help defend against these charges. During this stressful time, allow a proactive theft attorney to fight on your behalf.

          Actions Considered Robbery

          The California Penal Code §211 defines robbery as taking another’s personal property by means of force or fear. While robbery occurs during the act of theft, the actions constitute different charges, and in some cases, robbery may be punished more severely.

          Generally, fear extends to include a fear of injury to the person or object being robbed or to the family of the person being robbed. However, the fear or threat of fear must be reasonable considering the actions being taken during the robbery. After learning more about your case, a Dublin robbery lawyer could help determine if the level of fear could reasonably amount to a robbery charge.

          Different Levels of Charges in Dublin

          Dublin divides robbery into two separate felonious charges, each of which are based on the severity of the alleged act. For a conviction of the more serious offense, robbery in the first degree, the prosecution must demonstrate that the accused engaged in form of robbery outlined in CA Penal Code §212.5. Some of the factors that may elevate a charge to robbery in the first degree include robbery of:

          • Someone operating a vehicle as their job
          • Passengers in a hired vehicle
          • An inhabited building
          • Someone at an ATM

          Any of these forms of robbery may be punished by up to six years in jail. Some factors, such as working with multiple people to commit a robbery of an inhabited dwelling, could also raise sentencing to a maximum to nine years, in accordance with CA Penal Code §213.

          Any other act of robbery that does not reach the level of first-degree robbery is considered robbery of the second-degree. The potential penalties for second-degree robbery are found in CA Penal Code §213(2) and include a jail sentence of up to five years.

          Defend Against Accusations With A Dublin Robbery Attorney

          Facing a charge of robbery is difficult, and few people are equipped to defend against a state prosecutor’s accusations alone. If you are concerned that you may be facing charges of robbery, do not delay in seeking legal advice from a Dublin attorney.

          A knowledgeable attorney may know court decisions or similar cases to advise you of potential defenses. In many cases, an aggressive robbery lawyer could be the key to fighting to protect you from the full unwarranted charges. If you find yourself facing charges, reach out to a Dublin robbery lawyer for help.

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