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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          Martinez Prostitution Lawyer

          Being accused of exchanging sexual favors for monetary or personal gain can result in legal consequences and be damaging to your reputation. If you or your loved one has been charged with any prostitution-related crime, you could benefit from seeking advice from a hard-working defense attorney. An accomplished Martinez prostitution lawyer could investigate the circumstances surrounding your charge and develop effective defense strategies to protect your freedom.

          How is Prostitution Defined in Martinez?

          Prostitution is a sex crime that involves someone engaging in a sexual act in exchange for some form of compensation, as per California Penal Code §647(b). Compensation could be any form of payment and does not have to be exclusively cash. Both seeking and offering illicit sexual favors are prosecuted under this law and could face significant penalties, including jail time.

          In other words, a person could face prostitution charges if he or she receives compensation for a sexual act, pays to partake in a sexual encounter, or arranges a sexual encounter between two people. Someone can also be charged with this offense if he or she engages in prostitution, agrees to participate in prostitution, or solicits another person to prostitute. An experienced lawyer could investigate whether a defendant’s actions qualify as an act of prostitution in Martinez.

          Penalties for Engaging in Illicit Sexual Activities in Martinez

          Prostitution is usually charged as a misdemeanor sexual offense. However, certain circumstances could result in more severe charges. Generally, the penalties for prostitution in Martinez include:

          • A maximum penalty of six months in jail and up to $1,000 in fines for a first conviction
          • A minimum sentence of 45 days in jail in addition to the penalties associated with a first-time offense for a second conviction
          • A minimum sentence of three months in jail and the penalties associated with a first-time offense for all subsequent convictions

          Certain circumstances can aggravate a sentence, such as the crime occurring near a school or involving a minor. A competent Martinez prostitution attorney could fight a defendant’s charges and work to secure a favorable result.

          Defenses to a Charge of Prostitution

          People accused of committing prostitution has the right to a local defense attorney to help explain, excuse, or justify their alleged crime. A seasoned lawyer could build a defense that casts doubt of a defendant’s guilt and make it difficult for the prosecution to meet their burden of proof. Potential defenses to a prostitution charge include:

          • Entrapment by law enforcement
          • A lack of exchanged compensation
          • Inadequate evidence
          • False accusation
          • Mistaken identity
          • Absence of an agreement to engage in sexual activity

          An accused party could benefit from hiring legal counsel as soon as possible so that an attorney can quickly begin developing a persuasive defense.

          Contact a Martinez Prostitution Attorney Today

          A person facing a prostitution charge has his or her freedom, reputation, and future on the line. For these reasons, people should not hesitate in seeking skilled legal professionals to provide much needed guidance and support during this time.

          A Martinez prostitution lawyer could build a strong defense to help you receive a favorable outcome. Call today to discuss how we could help you during a free case consultation.

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