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          Martinez Solicitation Lawyer

          Being charged with solicitation of prostitution in California could result in time behind bars and steep fines. Additionally, a conviction could irreparably damage someone’s reputation, relationships, and career.

          If you have been charged with solicitation of a prostitute, you may benefit from speaking with a seasoned defense attorney from the area. A well-practiced Martinez solicitation lawyer could fight your charges and help keep a sex crime conviction off your permanent record. In some cases, an attorney could potentially raise a defense to have your charge dismissed.

          What is the Difference Between Solicitation and Prostitution?

          Although prostitution and solicitation are both sex crimes, each offense has its own set of elements the prosecution must prove. Prostitution refers to someone who engages in a sexual act with another person in exchange for compensation. However, solicitation refers to the act of asking another person to perform sexual acts in exchange for money or other personal gain.

          According to California Penal Code §647(b) , a person can face a charge of soliciting a prostitute if:

          • He or she agreed to engage in the act of prostitution with someone
          • He or she intended to engage in the act of prostitution
          • The other person involved understood his or her solicitation for                       prostitution

          The customer, prostitute, or pimp could face solicitation charges for the same incident. The prosecution will need to prove intent to find either party guilty of solicitation, such as a financial transaction in person or online. An experienced defense attorney in Martinez could find weaknesses in the prosecution’s case to potentially have the solicitation charges dismissed.

          Evidence in Martinez Solicitation Cases

          The prosecution must prove a defendant had the specific intent to engage in prostitution to convict a defendant successfully. To do so, they must submit reliable evidence under California law. Several types of evidence are allowed to prove this intent, such as a recorded statement.

          However, a person’s clothing or presence in a location notorious for prostitution are insufficient evidence as they fail to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime took place. A skilled solicitation attorney could review a defendant’s situation and develop a compelling defense strategy against the prosecution’s evidence.

          Potential Reduction or Dismissal of a Charge

          A local attorney could help get a defendant’s solicitation charges reduced or even possibly dismissed altogether. For instance, an attorney could have a solicitation charge reduced to a disturbing the peace charge, under Cal. P.C. §415.

          Alternatively, an accomplished attorney could argue for a defendant’s charges to be dismissed depending on the circumstances. Common defense strategies for dismissal include entrapment and insufficient evidence to make a conviction.

          Seek Guidance form a Martinez Solicitation Attorney Today

          Solicitation of prostitution cases are complex and could result in legal, personal, and professional ramifications. If you are facing allegations of soliciting a prostitute, you should not hesitate in seeking dedicated legal assistance to help you minimize the potential consequences of this offense.

          A skilled Martinez solicitation lawyer could build a credible case to help you secure a favorable outcome and protect your future. Call today and schedule a free case consultation to begin discussing potential defense strategies.

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