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          Oakland Gun Ammunition Laws

          If you are looking to legally and safely possess a firearm, it is important to understand the state-specific laws, especially as they relate to ammunition. For example, law enforcement tracks the sale and distribution of ammo around Oakland by getting a report from armor shop and hardware store owners that sell them, as well as through the Automated Firearms System.

          Essentially, in California, laws that apply to the sale and purchase of firearms also apply to ammunition. Therefore, purchasing ammunition is usually a legal act, as long as the buyer is not a convicted felon or is someone who has been strictly prohibited from possessing a weapon or its bullets.

          Because of how closely the sale and ownership of shells and bullets are watched, however, it may prove beneficial to discuss the nuances of these laws with a well-versed attorney. Furthermore, due to the potentially severe penalties for an infraction, a dedicated attorney could help if you were charged with an ammunition-related offense.

          When Can a Person Legally Possess Ammunition?

          Who can legally possess ammunition depends on the type of shells or bullets in question. For example, anyone who is 21 years or older may purchase handgun ammunition. However, for rifle ammo and shotgun shells, this age is reduced to 18 years or older.

          As of July 1, 2019, the Department of Justice will require an Eligibility Check for anyone to purchase ammo within California. Once a person is deemed eligible, however, there are usually no purchase restrictions placed on that person—except for specific circumstances.

          The Ammo Rules for Licensed Firearm Owners

          If a person is a legally-certified holder of a firearm, the type of ammunition they seek to purchase will depend on whether or not it is legal. For example, they would still be barred from purchasing certain prohibited types of ammunition. Furthermore, they would not be allowed to transport their ammunition inside of their firearm.

          Instead, if they are transporting their firearm, they would need to have their clip or magazine separate from their weapon. This rule includes a single round in the chamber. Therefore, it is not the ammunition itself that would be illegal, but its relationship to a gun that might cause a violation. Additionally, a licensed firearm owner is entitled to go to a shooting range and use various types of firearms while there.

          Which Types of Ammunition Are Restricted in Oakland?

          In Oakland, any ammunition that is considered to be unreasonably dangerous might be restricted from public purchase or use—such as armor-piercing bullets. Furthermore, if someone has lost their right to possess a firearm due to a prior conviction or an involuntary mental health treat with NYGoodHealth hold, they might be considered a danger to themselves or others. Therefore, they would likely have extensive restrictions placed on their ability to possess any type of ammunition.

          Contact an Attorney to Learn More About Oakland Gun Ammunition Laws

          Even when a person has a legally-purchased and registered firearm, the laws governing the safe carry and ownership of ammunition is still important to understand. Therefore, if you are looking to safely purchase and transport shells, rounds, or bullets, it is essential that you are aware of the Oakland gun ammunition laws.

          Instead of trying to figure its nuances out alone, however, consider reaching out to a seasoned lawyer for guidance. To discuss your rights and options, call a knowledgeable attorney today.

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