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          Oakland Sex Crime Investigations

          A sex crime allegation can be extremely stressful. On top of legal penalties, there are many social consequences that could negatively impact a person’s quality of life. If you were arrested and charged with any type of sex crime, consider learning about the extent of Oakland sex crime investigations. Contact an aggressive sex crimes lawyer and schedule a time to start discussing legal strategies that may be applicable to your case.

          Basic Steps of an Investigation in a Sex Crime

          In Oakland, there is a special victims unit (SVU) that investigates sex crimes reported to law enforcement. When a report is received, a detective from SVU typically will get assigned to the case. The detective will typically begin their investigation by reviewing evidence, interviewing the complainant, and speaking with potential witnesses. Furthermore, the detective may attempt to interview the individual accused of sexual misconduct.

          However, it is highly encouraged for an accused individual to obtain legal counsel before speaking with law enforcement. Anything a person says in an interview could be used against them. A person may believe they can clear up the incident without legal representation, but this could result in their words being taken out of context. Oakland sex crime investigations generally move quickly, and police will investigate rigorously as they are charged with protecting society’s best interests and safety.

          Law enforcement also may attempt to match an accused person’s DNA to evidence found in connection to the alleged incident. DNA evidence often is a major part of the prosecution’s case. As a result, a person should speak with their attorney before submitting to a DNA test request.

          Timelines of Investigations

          Oakland sex crime investigations frequently occur prior to a person’s formal arrest. This frequently happens because law enforcement is attempting to build a strong case with supporting evidence to submit to the district attorney. Law enforcement will look into whether or not there is surveillance available from the area where the incident may have occurred, a medical examination, and DNA matter left behind on or inside of the alleged complainant. DNA evidence in cases of sexual assault is typically retrieved through sexual assault kits by a trained physician or nurse.

          Police will generally do as much investigation as possible in an attempt to provide a stronger evidentiary report for the district attorney. If for some reason the district attorney feels that there is insufficient evidence in the report, they may send it back for further review and investigation before officially filing charges.

          Penalties Associated With a Sex Crime Conviction

          There are many different penalties associated with sex crime convictions. Extensive periods of incarceration and high fines are only two consequences of a sex crime conviction. Registration as a sex offender is one of the major long-term consequences. Once a person is placed on the sex offender registry they cannot be removed. This could limit their ability to live in certain neighborhoods or in certain proximities to schools. Additionally, a conviction for a sex crime could negatively impact a person’s child custody arrangement or their visitation rights.

          Contact a Lawyer About Sex Crime Investigations in Oakland

          If you were accused of committing a sex crime, consider speaking with a knowledgeable attorney who is well-versed in sex crime cases. A lawyer could review the charges filed against you and help explain how Oakland sex crime investigations typically occur. Reach out and schedule an appointment to begin discussing your potential legal strategies today.

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