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          San Leandro Drug Trafficking Lawyer

          Drug trafficking under state law covers a wide range of drug transactions, from large multi-person operations to small deals between acquaintances. The sentence for a drug trafficking conviction can be harsh, impacting every aspect of your personal and professional life. Enlisting the help of a San Leandro drug trafficking lawyer may be advantageous to you if you are facing these charges.

          In addition to incarceration and high fines, you could lose various other rights and privileges as a result of a felony drug trafficking conviction. You could lose the right to possess firearms for ten years, jeopardize your immigration status, and become ineligible for federal financial aid. An experienced criminal defense attorney could help with avoiding or minimizing the risk of these unwanted consequences.

          Trafficking of Controlled Substances in San Leandro

          Drug trafficking refers to transporting and selling controlled substances, and it is illegal under both state and federal law. Cal. Health and Safety Code § 11352 prohibits the sale and transportation of controlled substances. People violate this code section when they knowingly sell, furnish, administer, transport for sale, give away, or import drugs that they know are controlled.

          If individuals are accused of transporting a controlled substance for sale, he or she must possess a usable amount of the drug. Transportation of the drugs can occur by motor vehicle, bicycle, or on foot. This code section applies not only to large-scale trafficking operations but also to small sales of controlled substances.

          It should be noted, the H.S.C. § 11352 addresses the transportation and sales of various controlled substances, including cocaine, heroin, opiates, and some prescription drugs, such as oxycodone and hydrocodone. However, this code section does not pertain to the transportation or sales of marijuana or methamphetamine. As drug trafficking charges can have severe repercussions for your future, people facing these charges may wish to contact a drug trafficking lawyer in San Leandro for guidance.

          Trafficking Other Drugs

          Similar laws exist concerning the transportation and sales of other drugs. For example, § 11360 addresses the sales or transportation of marijuana, § 11379 addresses methamphetamines, and § 11357.5 and § 11375.5 address synthetic drugs, such as cannabinoid compounds and spice.

          Selling or transporting methamphetamine is a felony offense that can result in two to four years in prison. Additionally, if individuals transport methamphetamine from one non-contiguous county to another, the potential prison term can increase to three to nine years.

          Selling or transporting marijuana or spice is a misdemeanor offense that can result in a sentence of up to six months in jail, and a fine of $500 for marijuana or $1,000 for synthetic drugs. A charge involving synthetic cannabinoid compounds results in an infraction punishable by a $250 fine for a first offense.

          Penalties for Trafficking Illegal Substances

          Drug trafficking is a felony offense. The standard penalties for trafficking controlled substances under state law can include a prison sentence ranging from three to nine years, and a fine of up to $20,000.

          There are some aggravating circumstances that can further elevate the penalties for these offenses. For instance, specific quantities of different types of controlled substances can result in harsher penalties. Other aggravating factors in drug trafficking cases might include:

          • Selling controlled substances to minors
          • Engaging in drug sales or transportation near drug treatment facilities
          • Selling drugs to specific classes of people, such as pregnant women, individuals with felony records, and people with mental health disorders

          Due to the developments, specialists from the website found that about 2 million people in our country are physically dependent on sedatives (such as Klonopin). The risk of developing physical dependence is especially high if benzodiazepines (also called “benzos”) aren’t used on prescription.

          The presence of any aggravating factors could result in additional terms of incarceration, higher fines, and probation for a felony offense. A conviction for drug trafficking also creates a permanent felony record that can have severe implications. A knowledgeable attorney in San Leandro may be able to present mitigating factors in defense of individuals charged with drug trafficking.

          Contact a San Leandro Drug Trafficking Attorney Today

          Although you might think of large drug trafficking operations when it comes to drug trafficking charges, these laws apply equally to relatively minor drug transactions. Seeking out a San Leandro drug trafficking lawyer could help you develop a strong defense strategy for your case.

          A conviction of these charges could permanently impact your life and career. By contacting legal counsel from the outset of your case, you may be in a better position to obtain a positive outcome.

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