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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          Role of an Alameda County Drug Conspiracy Attorney

          Drug conspiracy cases are different than other criminal narcotic cases. There are often multiple co-defendants in these cases because a conspiracy requires at least two or more parties involved.

          Due to the complexities of a drug conspiracy case, it is best to seek help from an attorney who is familiar with the techniques that are used by law enforcement, has handled these types of cases before, and understands the law and practices in Alameda County. A seasoned drug conspiracy lawyer could help ensure your rights are protected and help you seek a favorable outcome. Reach out to learn about the role of an Alameda County drug conspiracy lawyer.

          Drug Investigations in Alameda County

          Drug investigations often involve the use of various mechanisms by law enforcement, such as undercover officers engaging in drug transactions, the use of confidential informants to provide information about the alleged illicit activities, and surveillance like photographs and videos of the activities of those allegedly involved in a conspiracy.

          Following an arrest, investigations could include custodial interrogation in which a person is questioned about his or her participation in the conspiracy. They can be encouraged to give information about other parties involved in exchange for a possible immunity or reduced sentence.

          Types of Evidence

          Some common types of evidence used in Alameda County drug conspiracy cases are testimonies from other parties involved that could attest to whether the plan was formulated, who participated, and any material steps toward executing the conspiracy. This could include video surveillance, photographs, and eyewitness testimony.

          However, all evidence must be procured legally to be considered by the court. There could be a motion to suppress that excludes the testimony or evidence because it was obtained illegally or in violation of a Fourth Amendment right.

          What Should a Person Have Prepared Before Consulting with a Drug Attorney?

          Before calling a lawyer to discuss Alameda County drug conspiracy charges, a person should have prepared responses to the following questions:

          • When were you arrested?
          • What agency arrested you?
          • How long did you spend in custody?
          • Did you post bail?
          • What is the case number?
          • Have you gone to court already?
          • What has happened so far in court?
          • Who are the other parties involved?
          • What is your immigration status?
          • What are you looking for in representation going forward?

          Having the main facts about the arrest and pending charges could help determine whether this is a case that an attorney could help with.

          Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer Experienced with Drug Conspiracy

          When choosing an attorney, people should look for someone who has experience handling drug cases and knows what needs to be proved for conspiracy cases. It is best to look for an attorney who has working relationships within Alameda County and has the skills necessary to negotiate with the district attorney.

          When it comes to drug conspiracy cases, there are many benefits of hiring a seasoned attorney. An Alameda County drug conspiracy attorney understands that every case is different and could help tailor a defense specific to your situation. Call today to learn about the role of an Alameda County drug conspiracy lawyer and how they could help your case.

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