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          Alameda Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

          Conspiracy is a common criminal charge under state law that occurs in conjunction with many drug crimes. When people are involved in a drug scheme, such as to sell or distribute drugs, prosecutors may charge participants under a conspiracy statute. The penalties for a drug conspiracy charge can be severe, even if you only played a small part in the scheme.

          By using conspiracy charges, prosecutors can charge individuals who never were present during any drug transaction with the same level of charges as those who personally completed the transactions. The assistance of a criminal defense attorney could be invaluable in helping you fight back against drug conspiracy charges. An Alameda drug conspiracy lawyer could build a strong, personalized defense to protect your best interest.

          Conspiring to Commit Drug Crimes Under State Law

          Cal. Pen. Code § 182 defines a criminal conspiracy as occurring when two or more people conspire to commit any crime. To constitute a conspiracy, both of the following elements must occur:

          • Two or more people agree to commit a crime, and
          • At least one of the people must take an overt step toward furthering the scheme or carrying out the agreement to commit the crime

          Even if neither of the parties commits or completes the agreed-upon crime, they can still be charged with conspiracy. The crime of conspiracy is a separate felony charge from the underlying offense. Due to the potential severity of conspiracy charges, individuals should not hesitate to contact a drug conspiracy lawyer in Alameda for help.

          Penalties for Alameda Drug Conspiracy

          The potential penalties for conspiracy depend on the underlying drug charge that the individuals would face for committing the crime. A drug conspiracy charge can carry the potential for the same penalties as if the parties committed the crime. If convicted of a conspiracy, the potential exposure will be the same as the exposure for the underlying offense the individuals conspired to commit.

          For instance, if individuals are charged with violating Cal. Health and Safety Code § 11352, or taking specific actions concerning certain controlled substances, they could face three to five years in prison. Therefore, if they were charged with conspiracy to commit this code violation, they could face the same penalties.

          However, if a person conspired to commit two or more felony offenses, the resulting charges and penalties may be more severe. In this situation, an individual could face the highest penalties for the underlying crime. A drug conspiracy attorney in Alameda could be vital in working to reduce charges and penalties for individual cases.

          Reach Out to an Alameda Drug Conspiracy Attorney

          The charge and resulting punishment for people who conspired to commit a crime are the same as if they had committed the offense. An Alameda drug conspiracy lawyer may be able to negotiate or overcome the potential charges and penalties that you may face based on the extent of your involvement.

          A drug conspiracy conviction can be extremely unsettling and damaging to your life. You could face penalties that include prison terms and fines. Getting legal advice in this situation can be essential to protect your future. Call now to get started.

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