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Depending on the type of sex crime, investigations in Alameda County can be quick, or they may stretch on for many months. In a rape case, the alleged offender may be arrested soon after a report was made. Following the arrest, law enforcement would perform tests and investigations. However, in a case involving the distribution of child pornography online, it often takes a lot more investigation before they can put a case together to arrest someone.

If you are being investigated for a sexual offense, you should contact an experienced defense attorney. Skilled legal counsel could ensure you understand the investigation process and make sure your rights are not violated.

How are Sex Offenses Investigated in Alameda County?

There are two major ways that sex crimes in the area are investigated. The first occurs when a crime is reported, often seen in rape, sexual assault, or battery cases.

In those instances, the alleged victim or his or her acquaintance will go to the police or the district attorney and report the crime. Law enforcement would then begin investigating the crime and making arrests.

The other way these offenses are investigated occurs when police officers are proactively looking for sex crimes. They may do this through online chat rooms if they are investigating possible human trafficking or child pornography. In some cases, police officers themselves might be soliciting prostitution to catch people who are looking for a prostitute or engaging in prostitution.

Evidence of Sexual Offenses

One of the main types of evidence Alameda County law enforcement seek when investigating sexual offenses is damaging statements. These can be made by the defendant, witnesses, or online posts. Law enforcement might look at cellphone records, websites the defendant was visiting, text messages, or other data kept on the phone.

They may also look at computer records. They would be checking websites that were visited, any kind of communications sent, and files that are saved on the computer. They would look for video evidence such as like surveillance, or photos that prove a crime occurred.

Collecting Evidence

Sometimes, law enforcement might be undercover and actually communicating with a suspect, or trying to draw in somebody to charge them or catch them committing a crime. Other times, they might monitor a website’s activity, the comments, or messaging boards to see if any criminal activity is taking place. If a sexual offense is reported, they might bring somebody in for an interrogation.

What Agencies Handle These Investigations?

Generally, local law enforcement handles investigations involving sexual offenses. Many police departments have a sex crimes unit with a detective or investigator who handles those kinds of cases. The district attorney can also investigate, but often the DA’s office will use the police department to do the investigation.

Discuss Sex Crime Investigations with an Alameda County Attorney

It is important to hire an experienced defense attorney who has worked with every stage of a case. A qualified lawyer could hire an investigator to begin collecting evidence and witness statements to strengthen your case.

By hesitating to seek legal guidance, you could potentially lose evidence that could improve your chance of a positive resolution. If you have further questions regarding sex crimes investigations in Alameda County, or believe you are being investigated for a sexual offense, call today.

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