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          San Leandro Gang Crimes Lawyer

          For many people, being accused of a crime is stressful enough, but being charged with a gang crime can be especially problematic. In many situations, gang crimes may result in additional potential punishments or in other charges such as conspiracy.

          If you have been accused of a gang crime in California, contact a San Leandro gang crimes lawyer. They could review the charges against you and discuss your potential legal options, including possible defenses. A skilled attorney’s goal is to help defend your rights at every step of the way, from your initial court appearances all the way through trial, if necessary.

          Understanding San Leandro Gang Crimes

          Gang crimes in California may encompass a wide variety of potential offenses, such as:

          All these crimes are ones that may be committed with others as part of a gang or other criminal organization. In many situations, committing a crime as part of a gang may result in additional punishments, such as an extended prison sentence. A San Leandro gang crimes lawyer could provide further information on how affiliation with a gang or criminal organization may impact a specific case or criminal charge.

          Participating in Activities on Behalf of a Gang

          In some cases, prosecutors may charge individuals with racketeering or profiteering. Such charges generally accuse one or more persons of participating in activities on behalf of a gang or criminal enterprise for the purpose of obtaining money or other profit.

          In California, prosecutors may charge someone with profiteering as part of any of the following offenses, according to California Penal Code §186.2:

          Generally, prosecutors must prove an individual was part of an organized criminal enterprise, such as a gang, and participated in a pattern of criminal activity for financial gain. Under Cal. Pen. Code §186.3, if a defendant is convicted of profiteering, the state may seize any property taken as a result of the criminal activity or any monetary gain that resulted from the criminal activity. Those who need further information about profiteering and how it may relate to specific criminal charges may wish to contact a San Leandro gang crimes lawyer.

          Gang Crimes Related to Drugs

          Many gang crimes prosecutions include charges of drug trafficking or drug distribution. California Health & Safety Code §11352 forbids the importation, transportation, transfer, or sale of any illicit substance, including illegal drugs and narcotics. Those convicted of drug trafficking or distribution face up to nine years of imprisonment.

          Additionally, California law has specific penalties for selling heroin or heroin-containing substances. Under Cal. Health & Safety Code §11352.5, a person convicted of selling or offering to sell 14.25 grams or more of heroin may be required to pay a fine of up to $50,000. A San Leandro gang crimes lawyer could provide further information on specific drug charges or accusations and advice on how to defend such charges.

          A San Leandro Gang Crimes Attorney Can Help

          Those who have been accused of a gang crime often have a lot to consider when planning their defense. For example, their specific case may be part of a larger investigation, which may affect their legal rights. As a result, they have to think about how to defend their rights in the midst of potentially complex facts and parallel cases or charges involving other individuals.

          For assistance with these and other legal issues, contact a San Leandro gang crimes lawyer who could work with you to plan your defense options to ensure you have the best possible defense in court. If you have been charged with a gang crime, make sure you obtain qualified legal representation. Call today.

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