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    Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          What Are Some Qualities That I Should Look For In A Criminal Defense Attorney? What Are Some Red Flags?

          Finding someone that is willing to provide you with information, communicate with you, and be involved—not just in the case, but in your life are qualities to look for. One of the big things that our office focuses on is a holistic approach. We get to know our clients, and we don’t want to see them return under the same or similar circumstances. We not only address the case, but we address the person in hopes that they will not end up in the criminal justice system again. This could mean helping them find the right type of treatment, walking them and their family through the process, or even just giving them a hug when they need one. Oftentimes, long after the case is over, we receive photos, visits, cards, and surprises from our past clients because they become part of our team family and we genuinely enjoy hearing and celebrating the successes in their lives after the bump in the road.

          Some of the red flags to look for with an attorney:

          1. They are guaranteeing an outcome. This is a red flag because attorneys are ethically prohibited from guaranteeing any outcome in a case. Nobody knows what’s going to happen, and we cannot promise or guarantee that something will happen for certain when there are so many unknowns and possibilities.
          2. Attorneys who fail to communicate. The attorney is nonresponsive and difficult to reach by email or phone and you cannot get an appointment.
          3. Attorneys who don’t get to know the potential client during the consultation – they aren’t taking the time to find out about you, about the reasons why you are in search of an attorney, and how this is going to affect your life and your family. It’s indicative of how the process is going to be throughout the life of a case.
          4. An attorney that doesn’t show up to court on time and doesn’t keep appointments.

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