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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          Martinez Gun Lawyer

          The state and federal laws that govern firearm possession and ownership are increasingly complex as gun owners face more and more restrictions. If you are facing firearm-related charges, you may wish to consult a Martinez gun lawyer to protect your rights.

          All firearm cases are unique and having a clear understanding of the laws that affect gun owners is crucial. By garnering the assistance of an experienced criminal attorney, you could discuss your legal options and choose the best course of action for your case. Instead of trying to protect yourself against an aggressive prosecutor, allow legal counsel to represent your interests and advocate on your behalf. En Español

          Firearm Charges in Martinez

          Criminal charges involving guns can range from minor violations to major felony offenses, depending on the situation. Some of the most common firearm offenses that someone may face may include:

          • Illegal possession of a firearm
          • Unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon
          • Brandishing a firearm
          • Negligent discharge of a firearm

          The charges and penalties for gun charges vary widely according to the severity of the offense. Restrictions exist on who may possess, take, and use firearms. An accomplished Martinez attorney could work to minimize these charges and avoid restrictions on the defendant’s gun ownership.

          What is Illegal Possession of Firearms?

          There are many restrictions on who may possess firearms under both state and federal law. Individuals with felony convictions may not possess firearms, nor individuals with some misdemeanor convictions, such as those for crimes related to domestic violence. Other categories of people who may not have guns include individuals with drug addictions, non-citizens, and those who are facing indictment for a crime that could result in a state prison sentence.

          In addition, state law imposes significant restrictions on whether individuals may carry concealed weapons. Individuals generally must have concealed weapons carry permits to carry concealed firearms. Some exemptions to this law also exist for specific classes of people, such as law enforcement officers and military members.

          What are the Penalties for Illegal Firearm Possession?

          Individuals can face felony charges in some cases if he or she illegally carries concealed firearms. For instance, if a defendant has prior felony convictions, are gang members, or are otherwise prohibited from possessing firearms, he or she can face felony charges for the unlawful possession. Similarly, gun owners who have not correctly registered their weapons and carry them while both concealed and loaded or within reach of ammunition can face felony charges.

          Public Possession and Transport of Guns

          Purposely carrying a loaded gun in a prohibited public area, whether on the person or in his or her vehicle, can result in misdemeanor or felony criminal charges. While these laws contain some exemptions for specific individuals, such as law enforcement officials, and those with valid permits, individuals typically may not carry guns in courthouses and schools.

          Additionally, people must transport all firearms in their vehicles in a legal manner. State law requires people to carry guns in the locked trunks of vehicles or locked containers other than utility or glove boxes. Firearm owners may also transport guns to and from their vehicles in locked containers. If someone faces criminal charges for violating the laws governing the transport of firearms, he or she may wish to get the legal opinion of a knowledgeable attorney in Martinez.

          Talk to a Martinez Gun Attorney About Your Legal Options

          Finding an attorney who understands state and federal gun laws is important when facing firearm charges. A well-practiced attorney could answer your questions, present your options, and help you choose the wisest route in your case. With the help of a Martinez gun lawyer, you could minimize your chances of a criminal conviction and the potential penalties. Call now to schedule your initial case consultation.

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