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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          Oakland Risk of Injury to a Minor Lawyer

          Oakland courts typically view the welfare of a minor or a person who is under the age of 18 as a high priority. Legislation commonly is established to foster the best interests and safety of a minor. When an adult person endangers a child, they could be charged with risk of injury to a minor. Consequences for such an offense could be both substantial and incredibly negative. Someone facing such an accusation may wish to speak with an Oakland risk of injury to a minor lawyer.

          A hardworking defense attorney could assist a person in building a credible defense by researching different legal options. A conviction for a risk to a minor offense could reduce a person’s ability to find employment, as many employers prefer clean background checks.

          What Factors Lead to a Risk of Injury to a Minor Charge?

          Someone may not have viewed their actions as dangerous to another individual and could perceive their actions as innocuous. However, if a person is reported to have allegedly caused immediate or imminent physical danger to a child, they may be charged with risk of injury to a minor. There are many instances that may qualify as a risk of injury to a minor offense. In some circumstances, home conditions could filthy and may pose a health hazard to the child, or pets with aggressive tendencies may not be properly restrained which could also risk a child’s health.

          Furthermore, a risk of injury to a minor claim could be alleged if the elements of the law are met. This may include allowing a child to be subjected to unnatural, unusual, inappropriate, or unreasonable risk of injury or illness. Living in uninhabitable dwellings, allowing a child to be severely abused without intervening, placing a child in a position where they observe violence committed in front of them, leaving a firearm or drugs in an area where a child has access could also lead to a criminal charge.

          Drug Manufacturing

          In some cases, a person who is involved in illegal drug manufacturing may conduct such activities in their residence. When a child is present or lives in that same environment, they could be at risk for injury as many chemicals involved in drug manufacturing could be volatile. The chemicals could also expose a child to dangerous fumes that may harm their health and possibly be fatal. Additionally, children, especially those of tender age commonly eat or put things in their mouth that they find lying around. Digesting any of the chemicals that could be used in drug making could quickly cause severe reactions or death in a young child.

          Reports of Child Endangerment

          A report of a child who is potentially in danger could swiftly lead to a risk of injury to a minor charge. A person who is alleged of such an offense may find it significantly helpful to contact a skilled Oakland risk of injury to a minor lawyer. The law generally provides strict penalties for individuals who are convicted of risking the welfare of a minor and these consequences could negatively influence a person’s life well into the future.

          How Could Sexual Contact or Misconduct Influence a Case?

          When a risk of injury to a minor case concerns sexual contact or misconduct with a child, it could result in legal consequences for both parents. If one parent, for example, the mother, is aware that the father may be molesting the child, it is generally up to the mother to keep the father away from the child. If the mother does not request a restraining order against the father and possibly allows him back into the home or back near the child, she may face legal penalties as well.

          Understanding the Role of Child Protective Services

          The Department of Child Protective Services may respond to claims of a risk of injury to a minor in Oakland by going out and investigating referrals. Investigators may respond to the people who are making the referral, whether it is a school official, maid, police officer, or a staff member in a medical facility. They typically find out as much information from that person as possible, and afterward could begin by speaking with the child in question, as well as interview their parents. They could also make a number of school and home visits to inform their reports.

          Contacting an Oakland Risk of Injury to a Minor Attorney

          A risk of injury to a minor accusation could lead to losing child custody or visitation rights. A person who is facing such a charge may benefit deeply from consulting an Oakland risk of injury to a minor lawyer that could advocate on their behalf. The court system in Oakland is typically difficult to navigate and someone without legal representation may be significantly disadvantaged when attending a court hearing. Schedule an appointment with a tenacious defense lawyer today.

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