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          San Leandro Third-Offense DUI Lawyer

          If you are facing a third DUI offense, the judge is likely to consider you a habitual offender, and the disposition of your case will be different than that of first or even second-time DUI charges. The potential license suspension period will be longer, the fines will be higher, and you could be spending a significant amount of time in jail. When you find yourself in this situation, you may wish to consider the merits of contacting a San Leandro third-offense DUI lawyer for assistance.

          An inability to drive, incarceration, and a criminal record can all cause you to lose your current job and have problems finding employment in the future. A seasoned DUI attorney might make the difference between a positive outcome in your case and one that will be a hindrance to your future.

          The Effects of Prior DUI Convictions

          Not all prior DUI convictions count as prior convictions for a third-time DUI charge. Only those DUI convictions from the last ten years are countable as priors. Therefore, if individuals had one DUI conviction 20 years ago, and now are facing a subsequent DUI charge, they will face charges and penalties as if it were their first DUI charge.

          Additionally, DUI convictions are not the only criminal convictions that can count as prior convictions in a third-offense DUI case. A “wet reckless” conviction or a conviction for reckless driving involving alcohol, that occurred within the past ten years also counts as a prior conviction in a third-offense DUI case. In many cases, individuals may have faced an original DUI charge, but the prosecutor may have agreed to reduce DUI charges to a wet reckless due to evidentiary problems or other defects in the case.

          Since the consequences for DUI convictions become harsher with each successive offense, ensuring that the number of prior convictions in each case is correct can be essential. A third-offense DUI attorney in San Leandro may be able to help individuals determine whether third-offense DUI charges are appropriate in their cases.

          Third DUI Charges in San Leandro

          Although a third-offense DUI remains a misdemeanor under California law, the penalties for this offense are far more significant than those for a first or second-time DUI conviction. Any DUI charges going forward can be felony charges, which have significantly more severe potential sanctions than those for a misdemeanor charge. Individuals with a felony conviction will experience a loss of some civil rights and are likely to receive a prison sentence.

          For a third-time DUI conviction, individuals will face a minimum 120-day jail sentence and a possible sentence of up to one year. Fees, probation, and a license suspension of two years, if individuals install and maintain an ignition interlock device (IID), are also probable outcomes for a third DUI charge. If individuals choose not to install an IID, they will receive a three-year license suspension.

          A third offense DUI will also result in the mandatory completion of a 30-month DUI education course. When individuals do regain driving privileges, high-risk motor vehicle insurance is a necessity, which also can be costly. These collateral consequences of a subsequent DUI charge can make the need to consult a third-offense DUI lawyer in San Leandro even greater.

          A San Leandro Third-Offense DUI Attorney Can Help

          Third offense DUI convictions have significant administrative, legal, and financial implications. Without a license, you may lose the ability to work, support yourself and your family, and transport family members to doctor appointments and school as needed. A San Leandro third-offense DUI lawyer may be able to negotiate a more favorable resolution in your case. Contact an experienced attorney today for representation.

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